Grant and Lee: From Cold Harbor to Petersburg

May 14-17, 2018
A BGES Civil War Field University Program
With Gordon Rhea from Sandston, VA

In a month’s time the complexion of the Civil War had changed. With Lieutenant General US Grant in command of the Union armies the mighty military force of the United States had pushed back the Confederate forces on every front and horrific casualty figures documented the bloody butcher’s bill that was required to bring the rebellion to an end. The slaughter of June 3rd in front of well laid trenches at Cold Harbor had proven to Grant that never would Lee be more dangerous than when he was cornered and so plans were made to shift the weight of the blow to supply lines feeding into Petersburg while disrupting the primary supply lines from the Shenandoah Valley and Lynchburg. The logistics were intimidating and the risk of a devastating attack on his shifting forces made this Grant’s greatest gamble.

The complete itinerary is here on our main website: Grant and Lee: From Cold Harbor to Petersburg.

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