Shiloh, 1862 — Paperback


“Groom has established himself unquestionably as heir to the late Shelby Foote…” — Minneapolis Star Tribune

“… Most historical accounts place the reader above the fray looking down, In Shiloh 1862 Groom places you next to the participants and has you looking to your left and right–you can hear the shell bursts, feel the pulsating anxiety and experience the moment–it educates and entertains–a fine read!”

We invite you to buy this fine book from us because Winston says in his acknowledgment (and we paraphrase) “Blue and Gray Education Society got the ball rolling in the first place by introducing me to a large amount of material on Civil War Corinth–from that discussion grew the idea for a new account of the Battle of Shiloh.” Winston has also authorized a special limited leather edition of the book to raise funds for the BGES.


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