The Civil War: A Traveler’s Guide – Special Leather Edition

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We are proud to announce the release of a limited print run edition of The Civil War, A Traveler's Guide edited by BGES Executive Director, Len Riedel. This handsome book is covered in high quality navy blue leather with silver lettering and and a silver-gray cover pages which fit exceptionally well with the full color 512 pages of content. This is the publicly available trade edition of the soft back book with a hardback cover.
We are offering three options with the book: A special signed and numbered edition of 100 of the books for $250 which is inclusive of Priority Mail, delivery confirmation, and insurance–$200 of the purchase price is a donation to BGES and is tax deductible. The second option for the book is a signed but unnumbered edition for $100, of which $50 is tax deductible. It also will be sent Priority Mail, delivery confirmation and insured. The final option is an unsigned edition for $50 which will include Book rate, delivery confirmation and insurance. While none of the purchase price is a donation we will use the net of approximately $40 for BGES purposes. We are also offering a case (14 books) of the signed, unnumbered edition for $750.

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