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The Civil War: A Traveler’s Guide


Edited by Len Riedel, BGES Executive Director

Poised to become thee absolute best-in-class Civil War travel guide on the market, this book has more:

  • – More destinations (800+ including all of the National Park Service battlefields.
  • – More color photographs ( 400) and more maps (81)
  • – More interesting diversions, including 15 walking tours
  • – More than 150 further reading recommendations
  • – Civil War cheat sheet-the whole Civil War in 25 battles
  • – Incredible Underground Railroad entry
  • – Sites for those who prefer cultural history to troop movements
  • Numerous entries showing the contributions of African Americans (both free and enslaved) to the Civil War
  • – A complete campaign chronology offers readers a time line, so that one could travel the entire history of the war, from Fort Sumter to Appomattox
  • – Historical overviews offer a road map
  • for readers to understand the complex issues at play, both in the 19th and the 21st century

  • – More than 40 international travel sites to explore

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