BGES Using “Giving Tuesday” for WebSite Overhaul

Suggested donation  $100.00

BGES lives from the volunteer work of its members and friends but one thing in an increasingly social media environment that we cannot do halfway is our website. It has become dated and increasingly limited in its capacity to share information about BGES with its members and interested visitors and support transactions. We need a professional overhaul. I need to raise $5,000 to fund it and $5,000 initially to maintain it until we assimilate it into our budget and monthly operating expenses.

With all the spending and generosity of the weekend and the season this is a well timed nationally celebrated day to focus on the important work non profits do in our community. For BGES it stretches 24 1/2 years. Please show you care and support us–vote with your wallet.

— Len Riedel, Executive Director

Minimum donation  $25.00